The Invictus Expansion Continues

Everyone’s favorite cannabis shark Invictus MD Strategies announced this week that their Alberta operation, Acreage Pharms, is set to begin its first harvest in August. In the same release, Invictus announced the addition of 27,000 square feet to the Alberta facility (currently 6,000 square feet).

The expansion is on-trend for the cannabis space, where licensed producers are adding production square feet as fast as they’re able to feed expanding medical and recreational markets that have yet to show signs of slowing down.

Invictus sticks out from its peers with a broader strategy designed to give investors exposure to various associated businesses within the cannabis space. Assets and subsidiaries including their plant-nutrition subsidiary Future Harvest, and some venture-stage dosing technologies are riding in the side car of the proverbial growth cycle as the company focuses on building and tuning the engine that runs the machine. Their investor material leans heavy on the idea that the company has optimized their production, and is using data-driven methods to get the very most out of their canopy space. We’re looking forward to seeing what they produce in August, and how they continue to advance their science over time. The continued success of Future Harvest gives the impression that this is a professional outfit with talent who knows a thing or two about plant nutrition. Management is likely eager to show that knowledge can be applied internally.

IMH rallied last week after briefly falling below $1 and is currently trading at $1.34. The $50M market cap company showed $8M in cash at the end of April, but raised another $25 million in May, giving it a back-of-the-zig-zag-pack enterprise value around $20 million.


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