Beat (of) the Market Dec 17 /18

December 17, 2018 Braden Maccke 0

FA traded by appointment too, until last Wednesday when they did 2 million shares out of nowhere. The volume carried on throughout the week, and continued on today, when they had done 1 million shares at close. This pulse came suddenly, on no news.

The APHologists

December 12, 2018 Braden Maccke 0

Following Hindenburg Research’s allegation that Aphria (TSX:APHA)(NYSE:APHA)’s acquisition of Latin American and Caribbean assets this past summer was less than kosher, The Bank of Nova […]

Fundamental Hype

November 3, 2018 Braden Maccke 0

Fundamental Hype is a blog about venture capital markets and the people and organizations that make them tick. We cover marijuana, blockchain, mining, biotech and the financial media that keeps the dreams they’re selling front and center.